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  • Admission Requirements

    1. A student seeking admission to a particular class must have passed the final examination of the lower class immediately preceding the class to which admission is sought. The Report Card from the school last attended is to be submitted along with the duly filled in form of application.
    2. A student who seeks admission to any of the classes of the school will have to take an admission test administered by the school in the subjects decided by the Principal. He/she will be eligible for admission only if he/she passes the test.
    3. The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission. Those who do not produce these documents will not be eligible for admission.
      1. Birth certificate as proof of the date of birth.
        1. Transfer/School Leaving Certificate obtained from the school last attended
        2. Conduct certificate from previous school.
      2. Certificate of passing in examinations as stated in paragraph (a) above / report card in original.
      3. Copy of ID
      4. Copy of Passport.
      5. Photographs (6-Passport size)
  • Withdrawal

    Application for withdrawal should be made to the the Principal at least one month prior to the date of leaving. The School Leaving Certificate will be issued only if all the school fees including fees for the current month have been paid and any school property (if any) taken has been returned.

  • Examination & Tests

    The school will adhere to the realization of instrumental objectives and attainment targets prescribed by each curriculum in the respective subject at each stage, and make continuous assessment, both formative and summative. The periodic / monthly tests and end-of-term examinations will be conducted, and the result will be intimated to the parents. Promotion to the next higher grade will be based on systematic assessment and those students who do not achieve the expected attainment targets will have to repeat the grade.

  • Fees

    Payment of fees will be regulated by the rules given below:

    1. School fees are payable in advance on or before the commencement of a term.
    2. After the expiry of the due date, a late fee of 10 Riyals per day will be charged.
      1. Fees for Term 1 to be paid by 1st September
      2. Term 2 to be paid by 15th December
      3. Term 3 to be paid by 15th March
    3. If the 1st day happens to be a holiday for the school, late fee will be applicable from the day following such a holiday.
    4. Parents are requested not to entrust children with the responsibility of paying fees. The school will not assume any responsibility if the fees so sent are lost or misplaced.
    5. Parents proceeding on long leave or vacation are advised to pay the fees for the leave period along with transport fees before their departure.
    6. Parents are requested to please note that if the fees are not paid within 15 days after the due date the name of their ward will be struck off the rolls of the school. In such an event, parents will have to seek re-admission for their wards. All requests for re-admission in these circumstances will be considered on merit.
    7. The school expects that all outstanding amounts due to it are cleared in time before the results of the Annual examination are declared . It should be noted that all results in cases where fees are not paid for will remain withheld until the dues are cleared.
    8. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  • Uniforms

    The Uniform for students from Nursery to Grade 9 will be as follows:

    Boys Girls
    Light blue full trousers. Light blue pinafore (or full trousers-grade 5 onwards).
    White Shirt with School Logo. White Shirt with School Logo.
    Blue Tie with School Logo. Blue Tie with School Logo.
    Black Shoes-Flat (No coloured lines). Black Shoes-Flat (No coloured lines).
    Plain White Socks Above The Akle (No design). Plain White Socks Above The Akle (No design).
    Black Ribbon/ Black Hair Band.

    The Sports Uniform for students from 1 to 9 (P.E Class days only) will be as follows:

    Boys Girls
    White T-shirt with School Logo. White T-shirt with School Logo.
    Only White/ Navy Blue full trousers (Shorts / Bermudas not allowed). Only White/ Navy Blue full trousers (Shorts / Bermudas not allowed).
    White Socks (No design & Above The Ankle) White Socks (No design & Above The Ankle)

    The House Colour Uniform for students from 1 to 9 (On Thursday only) will be as follows:

    Boys & Girls
    Yellow T-Shirt with School Logo (Diamond).
    Green T-Shirt with School Logo (Emerald).
    Red T-Shirt with School Logo (Ruby).
    Blue T-Shirt with School Logo (Sapphire).
    Navy Blue Trousers too. (For Grade 1 to 8).
    White Sports shoes with white socks (above ankle) for boys & girls from Grades 1 to 9.
    Under no circumstance may students change their allotted House colours.

    Winter Wear

    Navy Blue Pull-Over with School Logo for both Boys and Girls for Grade 1 to 9.


    Boys Girls
    White T-shirt with School Logo. White T-shirt with School Logo.
    Jewellary Items-No rings Bracelets/Bangles/neck chains etc. Jewellary Items- No long ear rings (Only one stud per ear) / Bracelets / Bangles /Neck chain etc.
    No decorative watches or tattoos. No decorative watches/ nail polish at any time.
    Hair should be cut and kept short and Hair neat. Tie the hair with black ribbon, hair bands if it touches the nape or hair that is loose at the sides or falls forward while writing. Keep it neat at all times.
    Hair sides not below ear level. Hijab – White / Blue/ Black at the nape.
    Hair back Should not touch the collar Hair front should not be below the eyebrow level.
    Tie should be up and shirt tucked in at all times. Tie should be up at all times.
    No gel or cream in hair at any time. No gel or cream in the hair at any time.

    Any child coming to school on regular school days without proper school uniform may ultimately be suspended from class.

    At all times, behave in such a manner that your loved ones will be proud of you.

    Ignorance about the school Rules and Conduct is not an excuse for misbehaving.

    Remember : Discipline and good marks start with self discipline.

  • Parent Teacher Meetings

    Occasional Parent Teacher Meetings will be arranged in the school in order to enable the parents to meet the teachers and discuss the progress of their wards with them. Parents are requested to go through the regulations given at the end of this diary. Absence from such meetings will be viewed seriously.

  • Security System

    The school has a well organized security system which has been set up in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the children. All parents and other visitors are requested to honour the security rules and help us to maintain proper order and discipline.

  • Regulations for Students

      1. School uniform: It is obligatory for the students to come to the school in proper uniform which should be clean and properly ironed. Jewellery of any kind should not be worn to the school.
      2. Punctuality: Students are expected to be punctual. They should stand in a line in front of their classroom when the first bell rings to proceed towards the assembly ground. After the morning assembly, they should precede to their respective classrooms in proper order.
      3. Politeness and good behaviour: Students are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. They should show reverence to their teachers and be kind, friendly and cordial towards their class/school mates.
      4. Tidiness: Students are expected to take care of the school property. Students should keep their desks and classrooms tidy, should not litter floors and playgrounds with trash. Chewing –gum is strictly prohibited at the school.
      5. Rules during recess: Students are to go to the playground during recess. Playground and toilets are expected to be kept clean and tidy.
      6. Diary, books and stationery: Students should bring the School diary , necessary books for the day , pens, pencils, and notebooks to the school and take care of them.
      7. Maintenance of school diaries: Diaries are to be maintained as a record of the student’s homework. Students are expected to do their work regularly and diligently. No pages should be torn or detached from the school diary.
      8. Leaving when the school is in session: Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours except when there is an emergency.
      9. Absence from lessons: Parents are requested to assure the regular attendance of their wards in the class. Their absence for valid reasons must be initiated by writing in the diary. Parents are requested to call the school office to inform the absence of the ward.
      10. Long leave: For a long leave of absence from classes or from scheduled examinations due to unavoidable circumstances, prior permission should be obtained from the Principal / Head Teacher.
      11. Return to classes after absence due to illness: Students reporting absent due to sickness from any infections/contagious disease should not return to the school without a proper fitness certificate issued by an authorized medical doctor. This precaution is essential to keep the school free from such disease spreading among other children.
      12. Participation in physical education: All students enrolled in the school must take part in physical education activities unless they have an exemption certified by medical authorities.
      13. Parents must inform the Principal/Head Teacher if their ward is on continuous medication.

      The school believes in decorum and proper discipline. Through this policy, the school wishes to ensure the safety and security of its pupils and strives to uphold the welfare and dignity of the school community. The school therefore wants every student to follow its rules of discipline. The following types of behaviour will be dealt with strictly.

      1. Insolence, disrespect and disobedience of the school authorities.
      2. Quarrelling, group activities and undue arguments on the school premises.
      3. Stealing or maliciously vandalizing school property.
      4. Smoking and use of drugs.
      5. Bringing radios, iPods, Cassette/CD players and Magazines, and use of Mobile(Cellular) phones, Bleepers etc.
      6. Repeated absence from school without a prior note from parents.
  • General Rules and Regulations For Parents

    The following rules and regulations should be read and closely observed by parents to ensure the healthy maintenance and adherence of the conditions that contribute to a sound academic atmosphere in the school. Parents who continually disregard these rules may be asked by the Principal to remove their children from the school.


    1. School Hours: For infant section, from 7:30 am to 12.40 pm and for Grade 1 to 9 from 7.30 am to 1.45 pm. Students are required to reach the school before 7.25 am. Infant Section children should be collected before 12.45 pm. Grade 1 to 9 children should be collected by 1.50 pm. The school will not be responsible for any child not collected within the time mentioned above.


    1. Children must come to school properly dressed in the correct uniform as mentioned in this diary. Children not properly dressed may be excluded from their classes and teachers will bear no responsibility for the work missed as a consequence of this exclusion. No jewellary , excessive cash or expensive items may be brought to school , and if so, the school will not be responsible for any loss or breakage.


    1. Admission to school does not imply that transport is guaranteed to every student. No parent will claim it as his/her right. If it is not possible for the school to provide transport, parents shall make their own arrangement. Parents should arrange transport so that their child arrives at school at the correct time in the morning. Students are required to reach school before 7.25 a.m. Private transport students should leave the school in the afternoon within 15 minutes of the closing time.
    2. School transport is provided to students who live within the feasible limits of the service. Parents who wish to make use of this service should check these routes with the transport department first before admission . Rules regarding the transport are contained in a separate sheet.


    1. School fees should be paid regularly according to the rules laid down in the School diary. Please note the following:
      1. Fees and dues are not refundable under any circumstance.
      2. Fees are payable in advance on or before the specified date for each term.
      3. Fees must be paid even if the child is absent.
      4. Fees should not be entrusted to children for delivery.
      5. Fees should be paid for holidays in between the academic year.
      6. Fees should be paid for the whole month even if the child starts late.
      7. In September, school starts in between the month and in june the school finishes before the end of the month, parents should pay both the months in full.
      8. In the case of withdrawing the child from the school the parent should clear all the dues including the month he/she attended last in full even if the attendance is only partial for that month.
      9. If the fee is not paid before the specified date for each term, the child will not be allowed to attend the classes.


      1. Parents must abide by the promotion regulations as applied by the school which reserves the right to detain a student in a class for reasons which the authorities consider justified. 90% attendance is compulsory for promotion except in cases approved by Principal.
      2. Please note that if a child fails for two consecutive years, his/her name will be removed from the school rolls.
    1. Examination times and dates must be strictly adhered to. Exams/tests to be written on the set date cannot be written at a later stage whatever be the reason. Parents should strongly discourage their children from missing exams as this will seriously affect their promotion to the higher class.
    2. The evaluation of answers by a teacher is not for discussion. Discrepancies in the marks may however be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher / Principal if done in writing within two days of receiving the script. His/her decision, with that of the subject co-coordinator will be final.
    3. The Report Card should be duly signed and returned within three days of its receipt. Parents are requested to acknowledge the receipt of the report card through the school dairy. If the card is lost, a replacement will be made on the payment of 50 riyals.


    1. The school expects all students to observe the recognized standard of discipline. Any disobedience inside or outside the classroom will be severely dealt with. In serious cases, teacher’s report regarding the misbehaviour of students will be put towards the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Principal. The Principal’s discussion, based on the finding of the committee, will be final and unquestionable. In certain cases the student may be suspended or dismissed. Any student dismissed from the school will not be considered for re-admission.
    2. The rules and regulations for students are mentioned in the school Diary. Parents must insist that their children follow these rules. If your child violates these rules, the school has the right to take any action against him/her including dismissal from the school.
    3. It is very important for the healthy development of children and their progress through the school that parents make every effort to abide by these rules. If they see parents acting in a responsible manner towards these rules and regulations, it is very likely they will also learn to respect them. These rules and regulations may be modified from time to time and introduced again at a later stage by the school authorities.


    1. Parent / Teacher Meetings will be set for certain days in the year. Parents are strongly urged to attend these meetings. In case of urgency, parents may request in to see a teacher by phone.


    1. Students suffering from any infectious / contagious diseases will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Following such an illness, students will be required to produce a certificate of good health before being allowed to attend school again. Parents should inform the class teacher / Head Teacher as soon as they become aware of such a case. The Principal reserves the right to remove any child if he/she is in danger of upsetting the healthy balance of the school.
      1. Parents are requested to inform the school if the child is on any continuous medication. They should also produce medical reports from time to time on any such child.
      2. The parents/guardians of any child with an undisclosed medical condition are completely responsible for the well being of their child, and may not hold the school responsible for any mishap with the child occurring as a result of the undisclosed medical condition.
      3. Please note that the school is not equipped to handle any children with special medical conditions, including those conditions incapacitating any of the senses required for regular schooling.
      4. While the child is registered with the school, the parents/guardians must immediately inform school administration of any change in the medical condition of their child once diagnosed.


    1. If, for any good reason, a student is required to leave the school during the day, permission should be obtained from the Head Teacher / Coordinator. This will require a permission form to be obtained from the front office and signed by the parent and Head Teacher. No student will be allowed to leave without the permission form, duly signed. Parents are encouraged to make this request to the school at least a day in advance, and certainly not later than 9.30 a.m on the day concerned. This permission will not be automatic, it will only be issued in special cases where an alternative plan cannot be made. They must collect the child not later than 11.30 a.m on that particular day by following the recognized procedure. No request for sudden collection of a child will be entertained except in emergencies.
    2. At all costs parents should avoid allowing the students to miss classes. Where students are obviously missing school for no apparent good reason, the school will not accept responsibility for covering the work missed. This obligation will rest with the student. Parents are required to inform the school when a child is absent.
    3. Parents who are going to miss any part of the term during their vacation may not demand compensatory lessons for their children who have missed work as a result. Parents are therefore also responsible for any such academic loss incurred in this case due to long absence. Parents proceeding on leave need to inform the school authorities in advance in writing and get approval for the same.
    4. Parents must avoid the temptation to take extra days off at the start and end of the term. Days in the school calendar are laid down as per academic requirements and the parents are required to see that these are observed. Parents should lead the students to respect the rules and regulations.


    1. Distribution of any sort of gifts item is prohibited even on special occasions.
    2. Presenting gifts or rewards to teachers/staff is strictly prohibited.
    3. Parents will be liable to compensate the school if their child/ children cause damage to the school property. The amount of compensation will be decided by the Principal considering the cost of the property damaged and the circumstances that led to it.
    4. Arabic is given only for Arabs and Islamiyat is given only for Muslims.
    5. Parents are requested to inculcate good study habits in their children at home. This would include ensuring that homework assignments are completed every evening and submitted on time.
    6. Parents are expected to observe the directive in circulars, which are put out, from time to time by Head Teacher and the Principal. For practical reasons, these are often communicated through the child and his/ her school diary. The school will not take any responsibility for these if they do not reach home. Children’s bags need to be checked regularly for these circulars.
    7. The school does not recommend any private tuition. However, parents are requested to get in touch with the Principal / Head Teacher if they wish to get additional help for their children.
    8. Parents are requested to keep the school informed of any change in their address or telephone contact numbers. In the event of an emergency, it is essential that such information is up to date and accurate.
    9. School diary contains information regarding the school in many areas. The parents are expected to read the rules and abide by them.
    10. Additions/ Amendments The school will, if necessary, amend the rules and regulations or add new rules from time to time through circulars. Parents are expected to abide by them.
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