Smart Boards

Smart Boards are comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day class room challenges and thereby enhancing student academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology with instant access to relevant instructor led multimedia content.

Campus and Classrooms

The campus provides facilities for playing and learning in a naturally welcoming environment. Each classroom is well equipped and properly maintained. The average student strength of each class is ideal. A maximum of twenty to twenty five students are allocated per class. This assures that each and every child receives adequate attention and support needed for success. Also, teachers employ interactive methods of instruction, while paying individual attention to each child.

The school has a well equipped clinic with a qualified nurse to provide primary medical aid to students.


Science Laboratories

Class-room learning is ineffectual in Science subjects, unless followed by scientific reasoning and investigation. In order to motivate the explorative talents and scientific enquiry of pupils, the school is further enhancing its laboratory facilities. This enables the pupils of different classes to simultaneously do practicals in the laboratories. It fulfils a long cherished dream of tapping the full potential of students in their pursuit of scientific enquiry and project work.

Computer Laboratories

The use of computer technology has become fundamental to almost every aspect of learning in our institution. In facilitating this need, Noor Al Khaleej provides students with fully equipped computer rooms for academic use. Each laboratory is carefully laid out to facilitate the best instructional methods and further develop the learning experience for students. To promote interaction and allow for efficient group work, computers are linked up to a network. The school remains committed to maintaining a department that is equipped with the latest technology, improving continuously to meet the needs and aspirations of both the students and teachers.


The Library facility is available to all students with a variety of subjects from which students can choose for all the information they may need. It houses a number of books, texts and journals covering an extensive variety of subjects and educational material strategically located, it serves both students and faculty members alike. The facility has been specially designed for easy reference and for use by more senior students.

Transport Facilities

For the convenience of parents and students, Noor Al Khaleej provides transport facility to nearby areas. All the buses have an escort on duty. We are 100% committed to the wellbeing and safety of our students and will continue to ensure an effective service parents can rely on.

School Sections

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